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At Family Services Unlimited, Inc, we are focused on providing counseling services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations.

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We are an outpatient program for adults with mental illnesses and children with emotional/behavioral disorders.  We provide a "wrap-around" approach to treatment where services are individualized  and provided in the community.


Every recipient has an individualized treatment plan which incudes an array of services.  Our staff works closely with all stakeholders (parents, school staff, probation officers, coaches, landlords, Social Security Administration, etc.) to provide he services needed to help our recipients succeed in the least restrictive environment. 



Multisystemic Therapy is a unique, goal-oriented, comprehensive treatment program designed to serve multi-problem youth in their community.  MST is the only family-focused and community-based treatment program that has: been the focus of several major research studies, and demonstrated clinical and cost effectiveness for youth with complex emotional, social, academic needs.  MST was developed at the Medical University of South Carolina, and uses only treatment strategies that are supported by research.


MST has been shown to be effective with chronic, violent delinquents and youth characterized by serious emotional disturbance.  The tolls on society due to the behavior of these youth include the costs to victims of crime and the monetary and social costs associated with housing in institutional settings (jails, residential treatment centers, boot camps and psychiatric hospitals), none of which have been shown to reduce future criminal activity or social costs.


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Why us?


The mission of Family Services Unlimited, Inc. is to provide dedicated staff to teach skills that enable our recipients to be successful and satisfied in any daily living environment by improving functional skills and increasing the awareness of environmental resources to decrease the need of hospitalization.