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MHR Program Services

  • Screening and Intake Assessment

 A recipient must have an assessment completed to be enrolled in the program.  This is a time for the recipient to learn about the program.

  • Medication Management

We have a psychiatrist who will tell the recipient about certain medications that may help him/her feel better.  Also, we have a nurse that will administer injections and will assist with medication management.

  • Community Support

These services help the recipient improve everyday skills such as good study skills, good social skills, making good decisions, following parent rules, parenting, anger management, conflict resolution, grocery shopping, budgeting, behavior management

  • Sills Training (Psycho-Social Education)

Some of the skills listed under Community Support can be taught in a group.  This may help the recipient lean and practice important skills, such as following rules, making friends, budgeting, etc.

  • Counseling

This service may be provided to recipients individually or with their families.  It is designed to help recipients and their families get along better, communicate better and improve the way they talk to one another.

  • Crisis Intervention

We offer an on call staff that can be contacted by parents, school staff and other stakeholders to assist in de-escalating situations.

MST Program Services

  •  Complete functional assessment of youth in the context of their families
  • Seek to understand the "fit" between the child's problems and the factors which contribute to them
  • Focus on helping parents build supportive social networks
  • Empower parents to address the needs of the youth more effectively
  • Emphasize long term change that families can maintain after program ends
  • MST therapists available 24/7
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